Quality, Energy, Environment & OHS Policy

The Management of WATTSON POWER, aware of the importance of Quality (QMS) the Environment (EMS) and the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in satisfying the needs of customers and other interested parties, has decided to carry out the management of the quality, environment and the OHS implementing an Integrated  Management System that is effective and efficient, thus achieving the benefits of all stakeholders, with the Management commitment for continuous improvement, prevention of pollution, prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of its workers, the legislative compliance with respect to its environmental impacts at all levels, as well as the adaptation to new changes

The Management of WATTSON POWER establishes the following general guidelines for the achievement of its quality, energy, environment and OHS objectives, and that constitute its quality, environmental and OHS policy:
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by improving our production and service quality,
  • Always maintaining good relations with customers and ensuring customer satisfaction by quickly resolving possible complaints,
  • To provide quality service that has no boundaries in service, complies with legal and all other conditions, is friendly, planned and has the highest standards.
  • To ensure compliance with all legal and international legislation, regulations, standards and customer requirements,
  • To ensure efficient use of energy by protecting natural resources and reducing air, water and soil pollution,
  • Providing energy efficient products and services that affect energy performance and carrying out relevant design studies and supporting these studies,
  • To ensure continuous improvement in energy performance and energy management system,
  • Creating common value and beneficial results by communicating effectively with employees, customers, stakeholders and subcontractors on issues related to Quality, Environment, OHS and Energy Management (EnMS),
  • By increasing awareness on Quality, Environment, OHS and Energy through training provided to all employees and subcontractors; Raising awareness about energy consumption,
  • To ensure that we minimize the pollution and damage we cause to the environment by controlling the factors that may cause environmental pollution,
  • To ensure that we minimize our impact on the environment by using the best possible technology during our activities,
  • To plan and ensure that we follow our Quality, Environment, OHS and Energy targets.
  • To be responsible for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality with its employees at all levels of the organization, to comply with relevant laws, statutes, regulations, standards and customer requirements,
  • To ensure that the identified risks are reduced and the hazards eliminated,
  • To ensure the identification and evaluation of risks and opportunities that may affect the ability to improve the environment, people, materials, products, services and customer satisfaction,
  • To take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents/incidents, injuries and occupational diseases,
  • To ensure awareness that it is everyone’s responsibility to stop unsafe work,
  • Identifying potential emergencies and being prepared for them,
  • To follow the values of integrity, honesty, transparency and justice, to respect human rights and cultural values,
  • Implementing the expectation and complaint mechanism to take into account the expectations of relevant parties,
  • To ensure that the effectiveness of Management Systems is increased and to constantly monitor and improve applications.
To this end, the Quality, Energy, OHS and Environment Managers have the necessary authority to intervene in all departments of WATTSON POWER, to the extent they deem appropriate, to verify the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System